Kopp has the right tools for fast, safe electrical installation. They range from simple voltage testers to combination pliers, side cutters, various cable pullers, and automatic wire strippers. One highlight of this product range is are the UNO and KOMBO socket brushes for cleaning sockets easily and thoroughly.

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
Crimping pliers incl. wire end ferrules 0.25-2.5mm², colour: red32480308940082246767553
Professional crimping pliers, pressing range 0.5mm²-6mm², adjustable crimping pressure32480208940082245444742
Automatic wire stripper, self-adjusting from 0.13mm² to 6mm², colour: black/red32046008340082245444813
Pull-through spiral, thickness: 3mm, nylon, colour: transparent39621001890082270331925
Pull-through spiral, thickness: 3mm, nylon, colour: transparent39621501340082239634505
Pull-through spiral, thickness: 3mm, nylon, colour: transparent39622001590082270311815
Draw-in wire, metal, extra thick39441001290082239442705
Draw-in wire, metal, extra thick39441501790082270311745
Professional metal fish tape, with lugs on both sides39622104740082244867432
Socket brush UNO320405000426039522006310
Socket brush KOMBO320406001426039522041410
Electrical-installation-set: 1x phase tester, terminal blocks (12-pole, 2,5mm², 6mm² and 10mm²), insulating tape (black, blue, green/yellow)349800093400822443202310
Cable knife, stripping of sheathing of round cables, 8-28mm32390009640082239663906
Universal stripper, for stripping of sheathing of round cables with the dieameter 8-13mm35120008740082239579786
Automatic wire stripping pliers, for cable from 0,2-6mm²32040108240082245166176
Coaxial cable stripping device, for cable diameter 4,8-7,5mm²32040208340082245166246
Allrounder: for sheath stripping and stripping of all common round cables from Ø 4 - 15mm with PVC"-sheating, flat cable up to 15mm width"32040308440082245166316


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