ATHENIS IP44 - arctic white

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
ATHENIS IP44 - Universal switch, colour: pure white69962908740082246509465
ATHENIS IP44 - Push button switch, colour: pure white69932908840082246509775
ATHENIS IP44 - Control switch, colour: pure white69942908140082246510045
ATHENIS IP44 - series switch, colour: pure white69952908440082246510355
ATHENIS IP44 - Control switch, colour: pure white69972908040082246511103
ATHENIS - Earthed socket outlet with hanged lid and shutter, protection class IP44, colour: pure white95402908540082246509155
ATHENIS IP44 - 1-fold cover frame, colour: pure white402102085400822465119610
ATHENIS IP44 - 2-fold cover frame, colour: pure white40262908140082246512265
ATHENIS IP44 - 3-fold cover frame, colour: pure-white40272908440082246512573


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