PARIS - arctic white

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
Universal switch (off and change-over)650602089400822445463610
PARIS - rocker, colour: arctic white33460218340082246236675
Profi-Pack: 4 Universal switches (off and change-over)65260201240082244546501
Universal switch (off and change-over) illuminated65069308340082244546743
Cross switch65070208240082244546983
Pushbutton switch65130206740082245492883
Pushbutton switch illuminated65139308540082244547353
Control switch65169308440082244547593
Double change-over switch65030208040082244547733
Series switch65050206240082245492713
Venetian switch65150208740082244548103
PARIS - Combination device, push-changeover, LED-dimmer, colour: arctic white84340208540082246500142
Dimmer cover for push dimmer33370218540082246168745
PARIS - Push-changeover universal-dimmer, colour: arctic white84600208640082246485302
PARIS - earthed socket outlet - 1-fold, 16A, 250V~, colour: arctic white923502087400822464402010
Earthed socket outlet with shutter920602087400822445488910
Profi-Pack: 6 Earthed socket outlets with shutter92070201140082244549021
Earthed socket outlet with hinged lid and with shutter92080206940082245493323
Double earthed socket outlet, for the installationinA single switch box Ø 60mm94110206340082245493493
Double earthed socket outlet, with shutter, for the installation inA single switch box Ø 60mm92090208640082244549403
Antenna socket TV/RF92130208940082244550463
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF33490218240082245833055
Antenna socket TV/RF/SAT, suitable for digital signals92140208240082244550603
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF/SAT33500218640082245833125
TAE cover plate for TAE telephone connection sockets, suitable for 1-3 connections (or USB-socket)32600218740082245833295
UAE cover plate for UAE connection sockets, suitable for 1-2 connections32610218040082245833365
PARIS - TDO-Telephone socket AT92800208790082292800513
TDO cover plate for TDO telephone connection sockets, suitable for 1-3 connections37381318440082246087565
Sunsensor for shutting-timer19860001940082244146851
PARIS - Room thermostat break contact, 2200W, colour: arctic white29010201140082244729511
Room thermostat change-over contact, 1100W29040201040082245102641
Loudspeaker socket, connection terminals for banana plugs 4mm or loudspeaker cable up to 16mm²92150208540082244550843
PARIS - Cover frame 1-fold, colour: arctic white308402063400822458537810
Cover frame 2-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30850206640082245853855
Cover frame 3-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30860206940082245853923
Cover frame 4-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30870206340082245854082
Profi-Pack: 10 Cover frames 1-fold40200201340082245190521


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