MILANO - steel

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
Universal switch (off and change-over)618620081400822446287710
Profi-Pack: 4 Universal switches (off and change-over)61662001040082244628911
Universal switch (off and change-over) illuminated61869708740082244629143
Cross switch61872008440082244629383
Pushbutton switch61932008340082244629523
Pushbutton switch illuminated61939708940082244629763
Control switch61969708840082244629903
Double change-over switch61832008240082244630103
Series switch61852008840082244630343
Venetian switch61952008940082244630583
MILANO - Combination device, push-changeover, LED-dimmer, colour: steel84352008040082246500692
MILANO - Push-changeover universal-dimmer, colour:steel84592008440082246484792
Dimmer cover for push dimmer32882018840082245842965
Earthed socket outlet with shutter915020089400822446311910
Profi-Pack: 6 Earthed socket outlets with shutter91212001040082244631331
Earthed socket outlet with hinged lid and with shutter91492008540082244631573
Double earthed socket outlet, with shutter, for the installation inA single switch box Ø 60mm92772008940082245680363
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF35862018340082245836405
Antenna socket TV/RF/SAT, suitable for digital signals91712008440082244631953
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF/SAT35782018840082245836575
TAE cover plate for TAE telephone connection sockets, suitable for 1-3 connections (or USB-socket)35812018840082245836645
UAE cover plate for UAE connection sockets, suitable for 1-2 connections34952018440082245836715
TDO cover plate for TDO telephone connection sockets, suitable for 1-3 connections37402018540082246089545
Cover frame 1-fold305620068400822458585910
Cover frame 2-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30572006140082245858665
Cover frame 3-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30582006440082245858733
Cover frame 4-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30592006740082245858802
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