MILANO - oak

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
Universal switch (off and change-over)61863008840082245615875
Cross switch61873008140082245615943
Pushbutton switch61933008040082245616003
Control switch61967908640082245616173
Series switch61853008540082245616243
Earthed socket outlet91483008940082245616625
Antenna socket TV/RF91703008840082245616793
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF35863018040082245837945
Antenna socket TV/RF/SAT, suitable for digital signals91713008140082245616863
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF/SAT35783018540082245838005
TAE cover plate for TAE telephone connection sockets, suitable for 1-3 connections (or USB-socket)35813018540082245838175
UAE cover plate for UAE connection sockets, suitable for 1-2 connections34953018140082245838245
Cover frame 1-fold30653006340082245859965
Cover frame 2-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30663006640082245860095
Cover frame 3-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30673006940082245860163
Cover frame 4-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30683006240082245860232


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