ATHENIS - arctic white

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
ATHENIS - pull switch, colour: pure white29582945840082246173520
ATHENIS - flush-mounted socket outlet with 2 USB charging sockets, colour: pure-white29622901140082246375652
Earthed socket outlet with built-in 2x USB29622908040082246465122
UAE cover plate for UAE connection sockets, suitable for 1-2 connections37172918240082245868565
TDO cover plate for TDO telephone connection sockets, suitable for 1-3 connections37302918340082246024955
TAE cover plate for TAE telephone connection sockets, suitable for 1-3 connections (or USB-socket)37312918640082245868495
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF37352918840082245868255
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF/SAT37362918140082245868325
Cover frame 1-fold402129062400822458665810
Cover frame 2-fold for vertical and horizontal installation40262906740082245866655
Cover frame 3-fold for vertical and horizontal installation40272906040082245866723
Cover frame 4-fold for vertical and horizontal installation40282906340082245868632
Dimmer cover for push dimmer49062918540082246168365
Double change-over switch58732908640082245849823
Series switch58752908240082245849993
Universal switch (off and change-over)587629085400822458491310
Universal switch (off and change-over) illuminated58769208740082245849513
Cross switch58772908840082245849443
Pushbutton switch58832908740082245849373
Venetian switch58852908340082245850023
Control switch58869208840082245849753
Pushbutton switch illuminated58939208040082245849683
Profi-Pack: 4 Universal switches (off and change-over)58962905640082245849201
ATHENIS - 3 step switch, colour: pure white61992908040082246497802
ATHENIS- Combination device, push-changeover, LED-dimmer, colour: pure white84292908040082246499262
ATHENIS - Push-changeover universal-dimmer, colour: pure white84582908040082246484312
Double earthed socket outlet, for the installationinA single switch box Ø 60mm92952908440082245850883
Earthed socket outlet with shutter940029084400822458505710
Earthed socket outlet with hinged lid and with shutter94012908740082245850713
Antenna socket TV/RF94122908140082245850953
Antenna socket TV/RF/SAT, suitable for digital signals94132908440082245851013
Profi-Pack: 6 Earthed socket outlets with shutter94302905640082245850641
Earthed socket outlet949329082400822458504010


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