TV - PC - Hi-Fi

Kopp offers various products for all kinds of video and audio systems, including power supplies. Products range from HDMI cables to audio extension wiring and RCA connectors.

Special features:

• HDMI 1.4: data transmission up to 100 Mbit/s, audio return channel, 3D, resolution 4096×2160

• USB 3.0: 5 Gbit/s symbol rate – up to 900 mA/h power consumption

• RCA, Toslink, Scart, jacks: some with gold-plated contacts for better durability and optimal signal


DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
USB am to Lightning 8-pole, with MFI (apple licence), 1m, colour: white3336681140082246199671
HDMI switch, 3-way3336682487113063682451
HDMI-DVI cable 1.4, colour: black3336682687113063682691
HDMI connector angle3336684487113063684431
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