HK05 - arctic white

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
HK05 - Rocker pad without lens, colour: arctic white334602004400822449334510
HK05 - Rocker pad with clear lens, colour: arctic white334693008400822449335210
HK05 - Double Rocker pad, colour: arctic white334402008400822449336910
HK05 - Double rockerpad with symbol "arrow", colour: black matt334488000400822449354310
HK05 - Rocker pad with lens and symbol "Light", colour: arctic white33394200040082244934825
HK05 - Rocker pad with lens and symbol "Bell", colour: arctic white33395200740082244934995
HK05 - Rocker pad with lens and symbol "Key", colour: arctic white33396200440082244935055
HK05 - Rocker pad with labeling field, colour: arctic white33420200240082244935125
HK05 - Cover for push change dimmer, colour: arctic white333702006400822459356410
HK05 - Cover for command devices, colour: arctic white331702004400822456511010
HK05 - Blind cover, colour: arctic white33430200540082244935365
HK05 - Speaker socket, with connection for 4mm banana plug or speaker cable up to 16mm², colour: arctic white92150200990082292150225
HK05 - Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF, colour: arctic white334902003400822449339010
HK05 - Cover for antenna socket TV/RF/SAT, colour: arctic white335002007400822449340610
HK05 - TAE cover plate, 1-3 ports (or 2-way USB socket), colour: arctic white32600200140082244934135
HK05 - UAE cover plate, inclined outlet, 1-2 ports, colour: arctic white32610200440082244934205
HK05 - TDO cover plate, 1-3 connection, colour: arctic white32600201890082232601035
HK05 - Earthed socket outlet, colour: arctic white923502002400822464182110
HK05 - Earthed socket outlet with shutter - colour: arctic white920602002400822464174610
HK05 - Earted socket outlet with hinged lid and shutter, colour: arctic white92080200840082246418073
EUROPA/PARIS/MALTA - INFRAcontrol T 180°, infrared motion switch, 2-wire, 40-400W, colour: arctic-white80580001040082245129471
PARIS - INFRAcontrol T 180°, complete, infrared motion switch, 2-wire, 40 - 400 W, colour: arctic white80810201440082244552371
HK05 - INFRAcontrol R 180°, complete, infrared motion switch, 3-wire, 1000W, colour: arctic-white80840201340082245159551
HK05/HK07 - INFRAcontrol R180°, infrared motion detctor, 3-wire device, max. 2,000W, 50x50mm, color: arcticwhite84060205740082245904641
HK05 - Timer for shutter, colour: arctic white19851301640082244060001
HK05 - Labelling clip, colour: transparent334500009400822449360410
HK05 - Cover frame 1-fold, colour: arctic white308402001400822449343710
HK05 - Cover frame 2-fold, colour: arctic white308502004400822449344410
HK05 - Cover frame 3-fold, colour: arctic white308602007400822449345110
HK05 - Cover frame 4-fold, colour: arctic white30870200040082244934685
HK05 - Cover frame 5-fold, colour: arctic white30830200840082244934751
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