Home Security- and Comfort Technology

For home security and convenience, Kopp offers the complete Free-control system as well as individual devices such as VDS-certified smoke detectors, safety covers for sockets, and wireless adapter sets. The focus here is on simple, critical functions at an attractive price.

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
Safety cover for earthed socket outlets, contents:5 pcs.32060208940082245766285
Safety cover for earthed socket outlets, contents:5 pcs.32060508240082245766355
Protective contact socket fuse, for clipping into the Socket outlet pot, also for permanent use - with rotary mechanism, content: 4 pieces32451308840082246287545
Funk-set: 1x remote control, 3x adapter, incl. battery, range: around 25m, max. 1000W29220401840082245318184
Funk-set: 1x remote control, 2x adapter with hinged lid, incl. battery, range: about 25m, max. 1000W29220701140082246014294


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